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Subios becomes Seychelles Ocean Festival

subThe Subios underwater festival, which has been going for the past 24 years, will be celebrated under a new name, Seychelles Ocean Festival, as from November next year.
This was revealed by the Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St Ange during the closing ceremony of the Subios Festival 2014 at the Regatta site at Beau Vallon last weekend.

Also present were the chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Sherin Naiken and the principal secretary for culture Benjamine Rose.

“This will give us more chances for marketing which will contain all that has to do with the sea. It will be an event that will encompass the concept of the Blue Economy that our country is promoting. It will not just be an economic activity for the country but also one that will bring tourists to our country,” said Minister St Ange when giving the reason for the new name.

He said the new concept was put together by the STB, Divers’ Association, boat owners and those who do sea excursions. It is aimed at bringing a bigger festival, more significant, more important for all the Seychellois people and to attract visitors to our shores especially those who like the sea, diving and other activities on the sea.

“If we are proud of what we are, a small people with turquoise seas and a blue economy that brings us fish, diving, sailing, island hopping and picnicking, it is because we have a perfect set up here. We have to put all these in a feast which we can say is a strong point for our country,” said Minister St Ange.

Speaking on the event itself, Minister St Ange said that the Subios festival, which has been celebrated for the past 24 years, has as mission firstly to rally the people of Seychelles to reflect on what we have under the sea that continues to attract so many visitors to Seychelles. Secondly to make us realise what we have under the sea is an economy that the Seychelles government calls the ‘blue economy’.

He then urged all to reflect on where we want to take the festival in future and how should it progress for the next year and beyond, hence the new name Seychelles Ocean Festival.

At the closing ceremony prizes were given out to winners of the various competitions held during the festival.

Photo competition:

Winner in the Macro category – Jill Monika Louis

Winner in the Wide Angle Environment category – Thomas Pavy

Winner in the Port Folio category – Christophe Mason Parker

Marine Treasure Hunt

Helen Biehler after 36 dives. Her prize was sponsored by Jouel.

Stall winners

1st Madeleine Sinon; 2nd Louis Bossy and 3rd Prisca Jumeau.

First prize was sponsored by Desroches Island Resort; second by Le Meridien Fishermen’s Cove and third by Pescado restaurant of Savoy Resort & Spa.

Children who took part in the ‘Our Ocean Our Future’ drawing competition also received their prizes. ‘Our Ocean Our Future’ was the theme of the 2014 Subios Festival.

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