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THE MAGIC CIRCUS OF SAMOA confirms its performances in Seychelles from 18 February to 20 March

Seychelles-poster-draftThe Circus is coming back to Victoria. The Magic Circus of Samoa is unique in the sense is well suited to the Seychelles because it is the Circus of the Islands, now not only the Pacific Island but also the beautiful islands of the great Indian Ocean. After a record breaking tour in 2013 and 2014 when they toured Mauritius, Seychelles, Reunion and the Maldives they went back to visit all of our thousands of fans our Pacific Islands and have decided to open our new tour with all new, greater than ever circus acts in the Seychelles this year from the 18 February to the 20 March. From Seychelles they will tour all of the Indian Ocean. Bruno Loyale, the CEO and President of the Circus of Samoa expressed his happiness in being back in Seychelles. “I would especially like to thank the honorable Minister St. Ange for his incredible support to help bring the Circus into the country….and he knows that this is a great opportunity for the children to see wonderful world-class family oriented entertainment. This is the 30th year of the Magic Circus of Samoa and we’re still going strong!! We are pleased to debut our newest and most beautiful circus tent ever here in the Seychelles! This year we also have new bleacher seating around the perimeter of the inside of the gigantic tent for the patrons in the back to see the show better and more comfortably” said Bruno Loyale.

The organizers of the Circus arriving in Seychelles soon said that the performers are absolutely amazing this year. “This is a completely new show with all news acts…. but of course some of the favorites are back like the great funny clown TOETU….he has always been a star with our circus and people everywhere look for his return with new funny clown acts….and this year is one of those, he is outrageously funny!!! Our acts are from many different countries apart from Samoa….we have great aerial acts from Australia, amazing Marshall arts from Manipur, sensational tumbling and balancing acts from Ethiopia, amazing circus stars from both Nepal and India…and this year the public will see the most amazing living human being in the world…. he is the Guinness World Book of Records tallest man in the world!! The great Sultan Kosen from Turkey will be the star of our show! This is an extremely rare opportunity to see him so close right before your eyes and even have the opportunity to have your picture with him” the Organizers said.

The Circus only comes to town once in every several years…. it’s one of those very special places that you can go with every member of your family no matter how old or how young and just have a wonderful time laughing together, being thrilled together and even crying together (at the outlandish comedy) …. this is the circus…. a special place just to enjoy and celebrate life where all your cares and troubles seem a world away when you are under the big top circus tent. So this is the first and only circus to come to the beautiful Seychelles, this is YOUR circus from the far away islands of Samoa….let laugh and have great time together at The Magic Circus of Samoa 2016 at Freedom Square from 18 Feb…to 20 Mar….show-times are at 7:00 pm….every day except Mondays….

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