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Donation of Trumpets to School of Music and signing of addendum

Seychelles is currently lacking in a good music store. Musicians have to order from abroad and music students often rely solely on the good will of music teachers and the School of Music to acquire accessories and replacement parts for their instruments.

With the signed Memorandum of Understanding between Seychelles School of Music and Midgardsskolan of Umea, Sweden, some donations started reaching Seychelles in  August 2011.

This afternoon, March 15th 2012, saw the signing of an addendum to the initial MOU between Mr. Jerry Souris, Head of the School of Music at the National Conservatoire of Performing Arts and the Rector of Midgardsskolan of Umea, Mr. Hokan From.

This is very important as it adds clauses to the MOU that the team has seen as essential for the second phase of the cooperation between Seychelles and Umea.

During the signing ceremony, the newly appointed Minister for Tourism and Culture Mr. Alain St. Ange accepted yet another four Roy Benson trumpets on behalf of the School of Music bringing the total number of trumpets donated by Umea to eight.

The ceremony was held at the National Cultural Centre at 15:00h local time.

The ceremony was held in presence of:

Minister Alain St Ange -Minister for Tourism & Culture, Ms Benjamine Rose –Principal Secretary-Culture, Ms Raymonde Onezime -S.A. –Culture, Mr. Hakan From – Rector Midgardsskolan of Umea, Mr. Pierre Joseph –Director NCPA, Mrs Miera Savy, Director International Cooperation,  Mr. Jerry Souris -Head of School of Music.

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