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The Seychelles’ Festival Kreol blossoms again as program is detailed on island’s main radio by Culture Minister and his Principal Secretary


As the end of October approaches only one thing comes on the minds of the Creole Population and this is the Festival Kreol in Seychelles as this unique festival is about to be in full bloom once again.

This 29th edition of the Festival Kreol in Seychelles us set for October 24 to the 31 and it will be a time for the Seychellois nation to join the other Creole-speaking countries in celebrating the Creole culture.

Only two days away, the festival is said to be a stepping stone for the one next year whereby Seychelles will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Festival Kreol.

Tourism and Culture Minister, Alain St.Ange is urging the nation to join in the festivities across the week, starting with the official launch on Friday evening in Victoria, the Creole Capital of the World.

Minister St.Ange was speaking on the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation’s radio yesterday afternoon during the famous Labyans Tropikal programme that was being hosted by presenter Marie-Claude D’Unienville .

“Our culture represents what we are, and our culture plays a vital role in making us more visible across the world,” Minister St.Ange said.

“The Seychellois culture is all about our cuisine, arts,music and dancing, history, our religion and our beautiful people, and for which we should be proud as a people and as a nation.” the Minister said.

“As we celebrate Seychelles must not forget the spiritual aspect of our culture. The Diwali Festival last week was a good example of how people of various religious denominations came together as one to celebrate alongside the Hindu Council of Seychelles”, the Minister added.

“During this upcoming Festival Kreol, we should follow this example. I am therefore urging our nation to come on Friday to join us in welcoming our 29th edition of the Festival Kreol, and together let us celebrate our Creole culture which is unique by a thousand miles.” the Seychelles Ministerresponsible for Culture said.

Minister St.Ange also spoke on the décor of the town as he invited businesses in Victoria to also join the Festival Kreol committee in making the capital of the Creole world livelier and more colourful during the days of festivities. On her part PS Benjamine Rose detailed for the radio listeners the Kreol Festival’s programme. “We have worked hard to put forward a complete programme of activities to encourage maximum public participation. It is our festival, it is the country’s festival let us join together to show that we are proud of our unique Creole Culture” said PS Benjamine Rose.

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