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‘Tonbola’ revives traditional games of yesteryear

gamesThe Seychelles Heritage Foundation (SHF) in partnership with the Au Cap district administration, the department of local government, senior citizens, young citizens club and heritage clubs hosted a ‘tonbola’ under the theme ‘Dekouver Mon Leritaz’.

The activities took place at the Domaine de Val des Pres, Artisanal Village, commonly known as Vye Marmit last Sunday.

The purpose of the activity was to firstly sensitize members of the public on the ‘tonbola’, a fancy fair like activity which was very popular in the past.

Secondly it was for the youths to gain knowledge from senior citizens on traditional dances, music and games.

The chief executive of SHF Benjamine Rose stated that such activity was to allow the Senior Citizens to transfer their knowledge to the youths of today.

“Such activity was to allow the youths to discover old traditions, such as games and dances. It is a transfer of knowledge so that our heritage can remain alive and strong. This activity was a total success. In the future we will organise more cultural activities to sensitise the public on our culture,” Ms Rose said.

The day started with a church service in Creole, followed by other activities such traditional dances, music and games.

The senior citizens and members of the traditional band were also present to teach the youths traditional dance techniques and how to play traditional musical instruments.

The youths also gained knowledge on traditional games such as plan kare, sot lakord, zwe lastik, balon prizonnyen among many others.

Many local produce such as root crops, fruits and vegetables, as well as medical plants, chickens, rabbits, crafts, creole dishes and drinks were also on sale.

The activity closed with a Creole ball by traditional bands ‘Kyoksand Zaonpon’ with participation from local singer John Wirtz.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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