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Tourism professionals attend refresher course

tourismSome 15 professionals from tourism related establishments around the island and from overseas have received their certificates after completing a two- week refresher course.

The certificate presentation ceremony took place on Friday at the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) in the presence of the director general of the ‘Chateau de Namur’ in Belgium Cedric Vandervaeren; the honorary consul of Belgium Xavier Haynan; the principal of the STA Flavien Joubert; the chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Sherin Naiken and other invited guests.

Mr Vandervaeren conducted the two-week course for the STA lecturers and hotel team members in line with a memorandum of understanding between the STA and the Province de Namur.

The courses which started on September 2 at the Constance Ephelia Resort, was about the introduction to hospitality management ops, discovering the annual management plan (from marketing plan to cash flow), the essential components of hotel management and documents for closing report against the daily report plus the monthly manager’s report and income statement.

The STA project coordinator Philip Monthy said that this two-week course was the result of the great relationship that STA and Province de Namur holds since last year.

“STA and the Province de Namur hold a great relationship since last year when we signed a memorandum of understanding. And since that day we have seen a delegation from the STA go to Namur last February. We have also seen students from Belgium come here for their work attachment at the Constance Ephelia Resort,”he said.

He added that next month two lucky STA lecturers — Marcus Freminot and Gemina Raguin — will undergo training in Belgium for two months.

The manager for studies-ADHM Diana Quatre said that the two-week course brought together different nationalities and professionals.

“It is worth noting that we not only had the participation of Seychellois professionals but that of other nationalities as well, which is a commendable feat. The STA, STB and the tourism department were fortunate to also be involved in the training. During the last week you all managed to put your differences aside and willingly became students again, proof that you can never stop learning,” she said.

She pointed out that once the STA starts offering in-service training, the principal of STA has promised to extend the service to all hospitality and tourism establishments.

“Once STA starts offering in-service trainings, the principal of STA has promised that invitations will be extended to all hospitality and tourism establishments for both local and international staff members. This is because when these establishments get recognition for their excellent service and standards, it is all as a result of a collective group effort, and it is a win for Seychelles. The in-service training will be free of charge until this department is properly set up at the STA,” she added.

She noted that the courses were all sponsored by the Haute Ecole Hotelière of Namur in Belgium and in greater part by the Constance Hotels and Beachcomber St Anne Resort and Spa.

STA lecturer Richard Mathiot, one of the professionals who attended the training, said in a vote of thanks that it was “a brilliant opportunity for us to go back to class for the refresher course”.

“As I strongly believe, it is never too late to learn because learning is a never-ending process. Thank you so much for the brilliant topics covered during the training. I pledge that I will continue to use all opportunities given to increase my skills and knowledge,” he said.

The course was attended by professionals from the STA, STB, department of tourism, Constance Ephelia Resort, Beachcomber St Anne Resort, Kempinski Seychelles Resort and AVANI Barbarons Seychelles.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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