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Tourist arrivals pick up

touristA total of 182,089 tourists came to Seychelles for holiday or business up to September 6, 2015 and this represents a 19% increase above the figures of 153,469 for the same period last year.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), overall visitor arrivals from Europe increased by 11% compared to the same period in 2014.

An analysis of arrivals by country of residence shows significant increases in visitors from the main European markets. Increases were recorded in visitors from France (14%), UK & Eire (33%), Germany (1%) and Italy (9%). A decrease of 12% was recorded in visitors from Russia.

Visitors from Africa increased by 33% in 2015 compared to the same period in 2014. An increase of 8% was recorded in the number of visitors from South Africa.

Asia recorded a 34% increase in visitor arrivals. United Arab Emirates and China recorded increases of 47% and 7% respectively.

Still according to the NBS, the number of holidaymakers visiting Seychelles in 2015 is 18% above the 2014 level. As for the number of visitors on business or combining business with a holiday, it has increased by 13% above the 2014 level and the number in transit is 75% above the 2014 level.

The leading markets are France with 24,923 visitors, Germany with 23,331, Italy with 15,537, United Arab Emirates with 13,873, United Kingdom with 10,798 and China with 10,682.

For the month of August alone, 25,393 visitors arrived here, reflecting an increase of 24% compared to August 2014.

This also included visitors in transit. The figure was 34% above the average for the same month of the last five years. And also the average length of stay of these visitors was 10.9 nights compared to 11.0 nights in August 2014.

Last year a total of 232,667 visitors came to Seychelles and judging from the increase in arrival, it is expected that the total for this year will exceed that of 2014.

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