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Youth hostel students seek the best out of themselves

2jomiStudents residing at the Anse Royale youth hostel are taking part in a new programme to better themselves and develop their potential to the fullest while emulating or imitating a model personality.

The emulation role model is an influential person who has brought about positive changes in the life of other people in the society, nationally or internationally. As a result students will develop self discipline, self respect, the drive to excel, eager and ready to help others in the community at large.

The emulation programme was launched last Thursday in the presence of the principal secretary for education Dr Odile Decomarmmond, member of the National Assembly for Grand Anse Praslin Wavel Woodcock, Anse Royale district administrator Jimroy Jeannevol, the deputy chief executive of the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) Ghislaine Belmont, staff of the youth hostel and the students among other guests.

Welcoming remarks by the manager of the hostel, Roger Alphonse, were followed by a presentation by three different groups of the 32 students who took part in the programme.

The presentation showcased their research done on the three emulation role models which they chose, starting off with Marie Therese Choppy who is well known for promoting our mother tongue, then followed by our former President James Mancham who inspired us by his reconciliation and peace philosophy, and the third group focused on Martin Luther King who contributed to put an end to racism.

During her closing remarks, Dr Decomarmmond stated that every day we learn new things and this day was one of them.

“The emulation programme is a very interesting idea that more people should participate in, as it has different components such as educational, cultural, economical, religious, life skill and other input and values,” she said.

3komiMr Alphonse said our society is no longer the same as it was, and its new challenges cannot be met on the basis of strategies used over from previous decades.

“Can we still cling to the view that it is wrong for our young people to imitate? Can we still tell them not to emulate? Yes! But only if they are emulating negative and destructive elements which will put in jeopardy their self-worth and their dreams,” he said.

He said this programme is the beginning of a life long journey for the youth.

“A journey which will enable them to discover and be in touch with themselves by emulating a model personality of their own choosing. They will have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, master new skills and develop new sets of values. They will become more committed towards their studies and more engaged in community based activities,” he said.

He highlighted that this programme is not intended to create photocopies, or miniature versions of Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King.

“It is not asking the participants to renounce their identity and be somebody that they are not. It is simply asking them, to seek the best in themselves for their own benefit and for the benefit of humanity,” he said.

The accompanying photos show highlights of the ceremony.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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