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Interview with outgoing Miss Seychelles Linne Freminot

‘I wish I could do it all over again!’


With only nine days left before the new Miss Seychelles … Another World is crowned, Seychelles NATION met the outgoing Miss Seychelles Linne Freminot who talked about her reign as well as plans for the future.


Q: How would you describe your experience as Miss Seychelles?

A: It was a fun experience. I got to meet a lot of people and I went through situations that enabled me to grow as a person and I gained more confidence. This is something that will stay with me forever as it is unforgettable.

However my tenure as Miss Seychelles was not easy at all. It was a challenge to manage events I had to attend and my work. There were even certain occasions where I attended my events then changed my outfit and got back to work.

I faced another challenge when it came to keeping in contact with my friends especially before I went to take part in Miss World. I feel disappointed that I couldn’t keep up with them as I was too busy but at the same time I gained more new friends.


Q: What can you say were the pros and cons?

A: There are so many advantages for example you get to travel a lot, you get to meet people who are high in the society, you get to take part in trade fairs and promote Seychelles.

From the trade fairs I attended I even got to meet CNN’s foremost international business correspondent Richard Quest.

There aren’t so many disadvantages, it’s just not easy to keep up if you are employed or a student especially when dealing with your project and with travels.


Q: What are people’s expectations in regards to Miss Seychelles?

A: In Seychelles there are too many expectations and you as a person need to have an understanding heart and be very humble because for some people they do not see the good deeds and focus only on the bad.

Most people look at the outside beauty of the contestants but the most important thing is the inner beauty. A girl may not be the most beautiful (physical beauty) but if inside she is humble, it’s already a plus.

And you need to have an impressive project, one which is not only relevant locally but also worldwide.


Q: Now that your project has been realised, do you think it has had a positive impact on people’s lives?

A: Most definitely and the children are making good use of it.

All that’s left is for me to open my association called Hope. It will provide funding for children who do not have breadwinners in their lives, like those whose parents are in prison or their father is in prison and several children are depending on their mother. This association will help them with a little extra cash.

We will provide them with other materials such as stationery for school but it is taking some time for this project to be realised. I wish I could have completed it during my reign still.


Q: Did you get the chance to talk to the prisoners and the children to get their feedback?

A: Each time I visit the prison, the playground is full especially during visiting hours. It touches my heart that this project has really made a difference when you see the children running around, having fun and I get very emotional.

Some inmates are still thanking me and they tell me that now the children do not want to leave because it is a playground after all, you can imagine how they get.

Even the children are appreciative and tell me that they are happy there.


Q: Are you ready to relinquish the crown?

A: Yes I’m ready to give over the crown to the next Miss because it is an experience I would like another girl to go through. I got my year and I’ve been through so much which has made me braver and stronger.

I think it’s time to give the chance to another person.


Q: What is your impression of the contestants this year?

A: Although I haven’t really spent that much time with the girls, since the first time I met them they impressed me with the sisterhood they share.

They are very friendly, very mature for their young age and I’m very impressed.


Q: What will be your role in the society now that you will no longer be Miss Seychelles?

A: I have so many plans; like I said I will open my charity and eventhough I will assume a lower profile I will find a way to continue helping children who are in need as I am always available for them.

I will venture in a new field of work; I’ve been approached by Air Seychelles and I will explore the adventure they have on offer.

I also want to travel more to meet the girls I met during Miss World and now I that I finally have the time I will be planning my wedding.


Q: If someday the possibility for you to take part in the pageant once more presents itself, would you do so and why?

A: Yes I would do it again! But for the experience and not to win because it is just so much fun.

Trying on different outfits, the makeup, and the catwalk on stage and showing off with confidence.

Honestly I remember everything that happened on May 30 last year and I wish I could do it all over again!

Q: Do you plan to take part in any other pageant such as Miss Creole or Miss Regatta?


A: No, I don’t’ think so. Miss World was one of the best pageants, so I think I’ll stop there.

Interview by Ralista Hortere

Sourcem : Seychelles NATION


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