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Special Tourism Team

The Beau-Vallon Special Tourism Team came to life on the 30th July 2012 with a total of 8 POLICE OFFICERS.

The aim of this Team is to serve (save) and protect the life and property of every local residents, most importantly
tourists along the beaches and the sea water area.

After only one year existence, today the unit is being equipped with MORE resources so as to make it more efficient
in its day to day operation. Ensuring the safety and security of our people and foreign visitors to our shore is of
utmost importance if we are to keep our tourism industry, the main pillar of our economy growing.

As the Police continue to build up on it is also extremely important that each and everyone in society contributes its
FAIR SHARE in assisting to keep our beaches, environment and country safe.

Friendly Advisory notices

a) Let us join together and keep our beaches CLEAN. No litters should be left behind after any sort of activities or organized events.

b) It is prohibited to amplify SOUND SYSTEM or play loud music while conducting any activity or events on the BEACH unless special permission is granted by the Commissioner of Police, so ensure that you are not in contravention with the Seychelles Beach Act and also the law.
c) As responsible citizens make it your duty to report any suspicious transactions and anti- social behaviors you see happening or taking place on the beach.

d) Advise visitors not to keep their personal property unattended while on the beach.


For emergency  please call the police on 4288000.

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