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Linda Palmyre – Later Rouz

1laterBusiness Name: Later Rouz

Owner of business: Linda Palmyre

Contact Number: 2716152/4266174

Sale outlets: Curio shops/Ste Anne Resort/Artisan des iles shop

Specializes in pottery

Every Piece speaks for itself

During a visit to Linda’s Palmyre shop at Val de Pres, she answered some of our questions

What do you create and propose to your customers in your workshop? I create and propose unique hand-painted pottery.

Why are your creations unique? Every piece is absolutely unique and hand-painted as if it were a painting. Some objects of the same form and the same type of decoration are similar but never the same.

4later What materials do you use and transform? Do you employ any special techniques? I go through every work phase, each terracotta piece is carefully processed. Decorations are made free-hand and with the point of the brush on glazed terracotta. The decorations of the objects are inspired by their form. The final baking at 940°C of the glazed and decorated object transforms terracotta into majolica and colours acquire the right shade becoming unchangeable over time.

Where did you learn how to do this work and how long have you been doing it? Will you pass your wealth of knowledge and experience on to anybody else? I learned to decorate pottery in a workshop in Les Mammelles when I was 16. I started working on my own three years back choosing to make my production one of quality and not of quantity. My work is organized with the thought that someone might carry on my activity after me, but a great deal of passion and patience are required as well as the awareness that the reward is great personal and …not economic satisfaction!

5later What arouses your enthusiasm and what makes you the proudest of what you do? What is important to me is not the time required to paint a piece, but the final result. I chose to make a production of quality and not of quantity. I can say with satisfaction that my pottery has reached all parts of the world.

What is the greatest emotion that you would like to convey to someone who buys one of your creations? The satisfaction and the pride deriving from the piece I have created. In the case of a piece that has been commissioned, my commitment to satisfying the customer. I would like every customer to take home the passion I feel for my work.

3later2later6laterHow would you persuade, in a few words, a customer to enter your workshop? “Here you will find unique and original pieces created by me in this workshop.

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