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Louis Loizeau – Coco Craft

1louisBusiness Name: Coco Craft

Owner of business: Louis loizeau

Contact Number: 2568520/2601869

Sale outlets : Le Meridien Barbarons/Kempinski Seychelles Resort

Specializes in coconut jewelery

“Being innovative.”

Mr Louis Loizeau creates and proposes innovative jewelry.

My pieces are the results of a strong creative impulse, of my need to design jewelry that is not traditional and make my art 2louis3louisinteract with the other forms of contemporary visual art. My creations are not reproductions but interpretations. I not only work with coconut, but also with every bit of materials that I can find. I like using perishable materials like paper, making it strong and resistant. I utilize precious and semi-precious stones, sealing wax, enamels and resins. I am attracted by recycling the most different materials and I especially like giving new life to discarded ones.

“I would like my client to handle my piece of jewelry delicately and, at the same time, be aware that this article is beginning of a new history.

My customers share my passion for a piece of jewelry which has a strong communicative, creative and innovative charge and that goes beyond its decorative function and its inherent value”

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