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Melisa Prea

1preaBusiness Name: Melpre

Owner of business: Melisa Prea

Contact Number: +248 2590479

Sale Outlets: At the Artisans des iles shop based at the Camion Hall Building Victoria.

Specializes in Jewellery

The passion and joy of making jewellery is a work of art for me.

3preaIt all started when I was working as a secretary in training division at SEnPA, I assisted with varieties of workshop, whereby I had a chance to be part of it, I attended the basic and the advance training as well. It has been four years now. I do birthday gifts upon order and colour choice as well.

I purchase most of my beads overseas and the findings I buy here in Seychelles, I do all of my work at my residence, Pascal Village, Mahe which is located up in the north side of the island before Beau Vallon.

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