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Sewing – Doreen Bristol

doreenDoreen’s passion for sewing started when she was sixteen. She was placed on training by the Centre for Skills Development (CSD) where she started to learn how to sew. At the centre, Doreen learned different sewing techniques in order to produce an array of products such as clothes.

Upon completion of her training our young entrepreneur worked for six years at a private sewing company. After accumulating years of experience, Doreen opted to start a small home based business with the vision to be self-sufficient and employ other youths.

Currently the business specialises in upholstery, cushions, bed sheets etc… In a nutshell everything that has to do with house/office decoration and comfort.

Doreen will like to encourage all young individuals with a business idea but are afraid to step forward to go for it! She goes on to say: “Always follow your dream and passion. Never give up even if the road is hard and long. Have faith in yourselves and with the help of God you can be what you want to be and you can do anything.”

Doreen is the eldest child from a family of eight and is presently residing at Sans Soucis with her husband and two daughters.

She can be contacted on 2583224.

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