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Bringing Seychelles’ blue economy products to the international market

blueThe ‘Seychelles Hook and Line fishermen’ label was showcased to the international market during the Brussels Seafood Expo which the Seychelles Fishermen and Boat Owners Association took part in.

It is the first time that Seychelles presents its fisheries products at this premier gathering for the global seafood industry.
The FBOA team highlighted that this involvement would further create opportunities both for Seychellois fishermen and processors. They emphasised the fact that the sustainable ‘Seychelles Hook and Line Fishermen’ label was the basis for further developing locally owned fisheries opportunities.

The stand displayed both whole fish and processed products, all using fish caught by Seychelles hook and line participants. The Seychelles stand at the expo was sponsored by ISPC Seychelles and highlighted the quality of Seychelles’ sustainably fished products by Seychellois artisanal and semi-industrial fishing entrepreneurs. A live kitchen was also set up with ISPC chef Bradley Larue demonstrating preparations of these quality products. The exports of the products for the exhibition were also eased by Indian Ocean Tuna.

This exposition of Seychelles’ sustainable fisheries products also opens the door to new markets in anticipation of a number of Seychellois-led processing projects which are underway.
FBOA members took the opportunity to further brief operators from the hospitality industry in Europe and beyond on their sustainable label.
Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy Minister Jean-Paul Adam also joined the Seychelles delegation on Tuesday April 26 to help promote the efforts of FBOA in line with the country’s blue economy strategy.
“Our blue economy approach has generated incredible interest in sustainable marine products from Seychelles. It is clear from participation in this expo, that the ‘Seychelles Hook and Line’ fishermen label brings additional value to our seafood products because it emphasises the roles of our local fishermen while also underlining their focus on sustainable practices,” the minister remarked.
“It is clear that sustainably sourced products are a huge opportunity for the empowerment of local fishermen,” Minister Adam added.
This first involvement of Seychelles at the seafood expo was also helped by the various government agencies involved including the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the Seychelles Fishing Authority and the Seychelles Bureau of Standards in its role as competent authority to certify and evaluate Seychelles’ exports, keeping in mind the standards of its destination markets.
In the budget speech for 2016, Minister Adam had emphasised efforts to better position and market Seychelles’ fisheries products in line with the country’s blue economy strategy.

The FBOA delegation was led by its treasurer Beatty Houareau, representing chairperson Keith Andre, as well as three other members – Jean Claude Hoareau, Paul Morin and William Jacob.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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