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Discovering the National Monuments of Seychelles

monumentsA Nation learns its history from its monuments, for they are permanent reminders of the past. With only two hundred and thirty years of existence, Seychelles may have had a relatively brief history, but during this period there have been tremendous changes, in the social, economic, and political life of the people.

To estimate the extent and direction of these changes, it is necessary to have a knowledge of what went before. We have, of course, the written word, whether it be in books, documents, maps or drawings. But there are other relics that speak to us, such as our country’s prehistoric features, the old tombs and churches, and the stately mansions of colonial times. There are, too, those reminders of more recent date: the statues, monuments and buildings that recall the socio political changes of more recent times.

This illustrated record of the National Monuments of Seychelles, compiled by the Monuments Board and the National Heritage section of the Ministry of Information and Culture, is an important addition to the country’s historical bibliography, and a valuable aid to everyone, whether student, scholar or layman who wants to know more about Seychelles.

Sadly, two of the monuments listed here no longer exist, having succumbed to the ravages of time or the sudden assault of fire. Their passing is a reminder of how fragile is a nation’s heritage, and how important it is for all of us to preserve these reminders of the past.



National Monuments Board

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