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Distant Horizons My Reflections

distant horizons“James Michel has penned a forthright account of a tumultuous life and the birth of a liberated Seychelles., He tells what he did, why he did it, where he succeeded, where he failed and what still remains to be done. This book should be mandatory reading for all public servants, who purport to serve the people.’

Chris Mole, Member of Parliament for Ipswich 2001-2010 and former Transport Minister, UK

“Few politicians have the ability to make memoirs interesting Michel is different. This book is a compelling story of extreme poverty and destitution, slavery, foreign masters, emancipation, revolution and the birth of an independent nation.’

Ravi Sharma, Producer & Presenter, Sunrise Radio & TV, UK.

“Most people will have the briefest knowledge of that earthly paradise called the Seychelles but if there is one person who can introduce the wider audience to the modern political, social and cultural history of the Seychellesd then it is surely James Michel. Anyone who cares about the future of the region needs to read it now and they will be as entertained as they are educated.”

Stephen Pound, Member of Parliament, House of Commons, 2011, UK.

James Michel is a man of vision, who has worked tirelessly to see his nation tr5ansformed from a colonial outpost in the Indian Ocean to a model of racial harmony, social opportunity and international standing. The lessons for us all make this an essential read.”

Dr. Sathi Ludhianvi, Political commentator, writer, broadcaster & journalist, London, UK

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