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James Michel – A man of the people

man of the nationFrom the bare-footed schoolboy, teacher, trade unionist, journalist, government minister . . . James Alix Michel has come a long way. His inaugural address upon assuming the highest office of the land set out the guiding principles of his presidency, his style of leadership, his unflinching belief in the Seychellois people, his creed and ethos.

They are resumed thus : the sanctity of the family, hard work, respect for the rule of law, public-private sector partnership, zero tolerance on corruption and all the scourges afflicting society, in particular, drug abuse and trafficking.

An easy-going and affable man, Michel’s is uncompromising on those issues. They are the heart of every speech he has delivered since assuming the presidency. He reiterates them with a passion borne out of conviction, bordering stubbornness, secure in the belief that in the time allotted to him he has a mission to accomplish.

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