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Seychelles Enters the World of Carnival


I feel privileged to have been able to witness the spectacle of the 2011 ‘Carnival International de Victoria’ as both an ‘outsider’ and an ‘insider’.

As an outsider, because way back in 1978, I came to Seychelles as a refugee, and an exile, from a revolution-torn country and immediately fell in love with the welcoming spirit of Seychelles and the tranquillity and yet vibrancy of the island way of life as with the islands’ strong sense of character.

As an insider, because as a Seychellois citizen, I am, like many others, aware that, small differences aside, what we have in this country is very special. And what we possess as a nation has been eloquently demonstrated b the carnival: unity, pride in and what we have and in what we are, and in our time-honoured ability to make our very disparateness and variety a very real strength and unanimity of purpose regardless of race, religion or political persuasion.

Glynn Burridge


Copywriter, Seychelles Tourism Board

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