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Seychelles State House – Centenary of Inauguration

state houseAs the most recent occupant of State House, I have been awarded the rare privilege of witnessing and fully appreciating how this grand building, for a century now, has acted like a thread fro which has been strung the many pearls of the history of our country.
The delicate architectural lines of State House have encompassed much of our nation’s history stretching back to its first colonial occupants and, in the modern era, the first Seychellois presidents, Sir James Mancham, Mr France Albert Rene and myself.
State House has presided over many transitions of power in Seychelles, and over much change in our country and society to which the contents of this book are eloquent testimony.
Long may it continue to fulfil that role, and to grace the Victoria Skyline with its majestic presence.

James Alix Michel

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