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Seychelles Unexpected Treasures

Seychelles is blessed with many outstanding attributes and our islands’ reputation for offering some of the most stunning, natural beauty on the planet is well-deserved.

However, what may be less well known is the fact that the splendour of our 115 islands extends beneath the waves where quite another world beckons: one visited by a relatively small number of divers and whose haunting beauty remains very much as it ever was – untouched. It is for this reason that we are currently custodians of two UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Vallée de Mai where the Coco-de-mer, the world’s heaviest seed grows and Aldabra, one of the largest raised coral atolls and last, spectacular bastions of pristine nature on earth.

I am delighted that the underwater treasures of the Seychelles have found a home in this book by Nikon professional photographer Imran Ahmad as a tribute to, but also a timely reminder of, their fragile beauty which we must now jealously protect for future generations. Also, that thanks to his spellbinding images, our reputation for offering world-class, underwater experiences will reach the attention of a wider audience of divers in search of the truly extraordinary.


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