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Reimagining the old and discarded – Recycling craftswoman keeps Seychelles clean


La Digue island in the Seychelles archipelago is renowned for its tranquility and the friendliness of its people, who use bicycles to get around the island and many visitors come to be enthralled by its striking, pristine, tropical nature and swim at Anse Source D’Argent beach, ranked by as the 4th best beach of the World’s 100 best beaches. ...

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Young and dedicated – Seychelles’ new artist brings cross-stitch to life in dazzling exhibition


An art exhibition held on Thursday September 25, drew an enthusiastic crowd, admiring the centrepiece – a portrait of a striking young woman staring straight at the beholder, her dark hair flowing over her shoulders. But this piece, along with the eighteen others dotted around the tranquil garden of JOUEL’s Kenwyn House in Seychelles’ capital city of Victoria, deserves closer ...

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Miniature trees grown in Seychelles, part of Japanese art of bonsai


A resident of Seychelles has turned his passion and hobby of growing miniature trees in containers — a Japanese art called bonsai — into a business. Although several Seychellois are growing bonsai as a hobby, Francis Loiseau a resident of La Gogue in the northeast part of the main island, Mahe, has incorporated this art in his plant growing business ...

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Sewing – Doreen Bristol


Doreen’s passion for sewing started when she was sixteen. She was placed on training by the Centre for Skills Development (CSD) where she started to learn how to sew. At the centre, Doreen learned different sewing techniques in order to produce an array of products such as clothes. Upon completion of her training our young entrepreneur worked for six years ...

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Melisa Prea


Business Name: Melpre Owner of business: Melisa Prea Contact Number: +248 2590479 Sale Outlets: At the Artisans des iles shop based at the Camion Hall Building Victoria. Specializes in Jewellery The passion and joy of making jewellery is a work of art for me. It all started when I was working as a secretary in training division at SEnPA, I ...

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Jerina Longobardi – Wood Carving


Business Name: Jerinas Wood Carving Owner of business:Jerina Longobardi Contact Number: 2766047 Sale outlets : Kempinski,Le Meridien Barbaron Specializes in wood, bamboo & coconut carving The cheerful Jerina. Ten years in business and aiming for more to come. Looking back at her achievement gives her so much self-satisfaction considering all the challenges encountered along the way. Her journey is not ...

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Louis Loizeau – Coco Craft


Business Name: Coco Craft Owner of business: Louis loizeau Contact Number: 2568520/2601869 Sale outlets : Le Meridien Barbarons/Kempinski Seychelles Resort Specializes in coconut jewelery “Being innovative.” Mr Louis Loizeau creates and proposes innovative jewelry. “My pieces are the results of a strong creative impulse, of my need to design jewelry that is not traditional and make my art interact with ...

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Linda Palmyre – Later Rouz


Business Name: Later Rouz Owner of business: Linda Palmyre Contact Number: 2716152/4266174 Sale outlets: Curio shops/Ste Anne Resort/Artisan des iles shop Specializes in pottery Every Piece speaks for itself During a visit to Linda’s Palmyre shop at Val de Pres, she answered some of our questions What do you create and propose to your customers in your workshop? I create ...

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Francois Hoareau


Business Name: N/A Owner of business: Francois Hoareau Contact Number: 2520905 Sale outlets : Bazaar Labrin/Artisan des iles shop/Airport/Barbarons & Kempinski Seychelles Resort Specializes in wood carving After years in the wood carving field, Mr.Hoareau is content that his wood work is still being appreciated both locally and around the globe. It is never easy to keep up with the ...

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It’s all locally hand-made from ISLAND CRAFTS


Yannick Cedras is a 22-year-old young entrepreneur and artist from Grand Anse, Praslin specialising in wooden crafts. Yannick produces craft items with a local flair such as coco de mer, sea turtle, tortoise, fish, among many others. His business, ISLAND CRAFTS, is a family one and he is continuing in his father’s footsteps. Yannick took part in the Home and ...

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