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Seychelles Creole cuisine App launched


Ace Media, the promoters of SEALife Seychelles, has once again made history by launching a Seychelles and world first, an App for Seychelles Creole cuisine. The app, which has been in development for the last two years, has been launched in the Apple I-tunes Store, Google Play for Android phones as well as on the Amazon Store. The app is ...

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Fruits From Paradise


A tropical island is synonymous with abundance, it brings to mind visions of fertile, green forests filled with trees full of fruit, surrounded by pristine white sandy beaches and an azure blue sea. In the Seychelles this is not a dream and the fruits from the trees are unlike those from any other place. Take a bite and one will ...

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Mackerels have valuable nutrients; can be cooked in tasty ways


Almost every day at the Victoria Market or elsewhere in various districts, mackerels are available in abundance. One would think that they are the least expensive fish available in Seychelles but this is not really the case. Nowadays mackerels are getting so costly that people sometimes cannot afford them, although Seychellois love mackerels. Will you buy a packet of eight ...

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