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Indian Association launches its annual photography competition


The Indian Association of Seychelles has launched its 5th photography competition under the theme ‘Incredible India in Paradise’. The competition runs from June 20 until July 24, 2018. This is the first activity of the 6th Seychelles India Day (SID) celebrations planned to take place from July 27-29, 2018. Other activities are being planned for this event. The Seychelles India ...

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Le groupe d’amitié France-Seychelles de l’Assemblée nationale française, sous la Présidence de madame Monica MICHEL, a accueilli le 30 mai dernier, dans un salon d’honneur attenant à l’Assemblée nationale, son Excellence Louis Sylvestre RADEGONDE, Ambassadeur des Seychelles en France, monsieur Richard TOUBOUL, Attaché Culturel du Département de la Culture, l’amiral Vincent CAMPREDON, Directeur du musée national de la Marine en ...

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New Nigerian gospel album on the market soon

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A new gospel album will hit the market very soon. Entitled ‘New Dawn’, the album is the work of Obinna Nkemjika, a national pastor of the Winner’s Chapel International based at Le Rocher, Mahé and his wife Amarachi Obinna, both from Western Nigeria. The six-track album will be on sale at R100. This is the couple’s first album and was ...

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Details on fund to assist artists across Africa decided at meeting in Seychelles


The last details concerning a new African Culture Fund to assist artists from the continent were finalised at a meeting held in Seychelles recently, a Seychellois artist said on Friday. George Camille told SNA that the meeting finalised the details for the fund and set up a website where artists can find more information. Camille said the idea for the ...

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Praslin culinary festival, arts festival dominate Seychelles’ National Arts Council 2018 calendar


The Seychelles National Arts Council is bringing back the Praslin culinary festival this year and adding an arts festival to its calendar of activities. The chief executive, Jimmy Savy, told SNA on Friday that the two events will be the council’s major activities in 2018. “Due to budgetary constraints, we have decided to alternate some of our activities. For instance, the arts ...

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Yoga enthusiasts take part in international yoga day


Hundreds of yoga enthusiasts gathered at the Palais des Sports on Saturday to take part in the fourth International Day of Yoga. The International Yoga Day has been recognised by the United Nations (UN) since 2014 and is observed each June 21. The activity was organised by the High Commission of India in Seychelles in collaboration with the department of ...

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Lenstiti Kreol i ofisyelman lans versyon Kreol Konstitisyon


Prezidan Danny Faure i premye dimoun pour resevwar en kopi versyon Kreol nou Konstitisyon ki’n tradwir par Lenstiti Kreol an kolaborasyon avek biro Prokirer Zeneral e i ti ganny prezante avek sa dokiman enportan pandan en seremoni organize Sanmdi apremidi kot sa lenstiti, Au Cap. Sa seremoni ti’n organize pour ofisyelman lans versyon Kreol Konstitisyon e i ti tonb dan ...

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The man behind the Seychelles flag


Twenty-three years after handing the people of Seychelles one of their greatest gifts, creative artist Philip Uzice who designed the flag of the country’s Third Republic has mixed feelings about how everything went on around him from the day it was first hoisted. Aged 28 when he designed the flag in 1996, Mr Uzice said he feels proud to have ...

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Seychelles’ Constitution is 25 years old


Monday June 18 marks 25 years since Seychelles got its new Constitution in 1993, signaling the birth to the Third Republic. The country got its new flag and national anthem three years later (in 1996) to cap the Third Republic. That year, the people of Seychelles unfurled the five-colour national flag – the BLUE, YELLOW, RED, WHITE and GREEN symbol ...

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‘It still feels like a new song whenever we hear the national anthem’


A patriotic musical composition evoking and eulogising the history, traditions, environment and unity of the Seychellois people, Koste Seselwa was recognised by our nation’s government as the official national song, or the national anthem of the Third Republic in 1996. The end product of a joint effort between well-known musicians David André, now the Mayor of Victoria, and Georges Payet ...

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