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Interview with LDS leader Roger Mancienne ‘I believe there is a lot of lethargy in government … we need fresh ideas, fresh energy’


Tomorrow marks one year since opposition coalition Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) broke the ruling party’s four-decade grip on power with a victory in parliamentary elections on September 10, 2016. A coalition of four parties – Seychelles National Party (SNP) led by Wavel Ramkalawan, Lalyans Seselwa (Seychellois Alliance) led by former Minister and Ambassador Patrick Pillay, the Seychelles Party for Social ...

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Interview: I want to see a country where everyone is represented, says National Assembly’s Leader of Government Business


Charles De Commarmond has been a member of the National Assembly, the country’s legislative body, since the return of multiparty democracy to Seychelles in 1993. De Commarmond, the elected member for the eastern district of Cascade, was appointed by former Seychelles’ President James Michel, as the Leader of the Government Business in the sixth National Assembly. For the first time ...

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Interview: ‘I have been on a steep learning curve,’ Seychelles’ National Assembly Speaker says


For the first time in Seychelles since the return of multiparty democracy in 1993, a member of the opposition party is the Speaker of the National Assembly, the country’s legislative body. Patrick Pillay is the elected Speaker of the sixth National Assembly of Seychelles where the majority of seats — 19 out of 33 — are not from the president’s ...

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Up Close…with Wavel Ramkalawan, politician, priest and family person


‘At the age of four I felt the call to become a priest…’  Wavel Ramkalawan is one of the most distinguished individuals who has contributed many years of his career to making a difference in Seychelles. It is his work as a pastor that led Wavel into politics. Through his pastoral work, he came into contact with many people who ...

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Interview: Seychelles’ founding President James Mancham: ‘Sometimes compromises have to be made in the interest of the nation.’


Seychelles’ founding President James Mancham says unity is the only way forward as he reflects on the 40 years since the country gained independence from Great Britain. Mancham who opposed the breakaway from the British rule, became president on June 29, 1976. SNA caught up with the 76-year-old former president to talk about the road to independence, the reason he ...

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Interview: Seychelles former President France Albert Rene: ‘Independence Day was a great day derived from a long struggle’


Former Seychelles President France Albert Rene says that Seychelles is making huge progress, advances that may not have happened if the island nation had remained under British rule. On the eve of the island nation’s 40th Independence Day, Rene, 80, spoke with SNA about the road to independence, the reason behind his determination to see the island break away from ...

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Seychellois female volleyballer Marielle Bonne motivated by team’s success, personal achievement


Seychellois volleyballer Marielle Bonne has once again played an important role in the victory of her team ARSU, in the African Volleyball Confederation Zone 7 competition which took place in Mauritius earlier this month. Coming from the district of Anse Royale in the south of the main island Mahe, Bonne has achieved some amazing results during her 13-year volleyball career.  ...

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UP CLOSE … with Alvania and Natalia Lawen, twin founders of Eco-Anse Boileau ‘Youths must develop the ability to say no to negative inf


Alvania and Natalia Lawen are twin sisters born on March 22, 2001. They both reside at Anse Boileau and share the same love and passion for reading, social media and more importantly an interest in the environment. Alvania joined the wildlife club while she was in primary two. Later in primary four she came up with a rain water harvesting ...

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nterview: Seychelles’ new President Faure wants to sit down, talk and resolve issues


The newly inaugurated president of Seychelles Danny Faure says he is taking his task as the new head of state very seriously and has called for unity, true reconciliation and dialogue to move the country forward. Faure, 54, was sworn in as Seychelles’ fourth president last Sunday, taking over from the former President James Michel whose resignation took effect on October 16. ...

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