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Seychelles – Fifty years ago


It was a year of events. It was a year of political rallies. It was a year of calamitous occurrences, tragic losses as well as a year of achievements and progress. TONY MATHIOT takes us back to that momentous year in our history. The year 1967.  And it started with the usual torrential seasonal rains. On Saturday January 7, Victoria ...

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History , Culture, Resort & Spa


In the context of this year’s Heritage theme-Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism, TONY MATHIOT, on behalf of the National Heritage Research Section, ponders over the importance that our Heritage will continue to have in our Tourism Industry. It’s okay for you to have tourism development.  It’s good for your economy, you need it.  But you should never ever have to ...

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Nigel Henri – Portrait of an artist at 50


As one of our most popular and prolific Seychellois painters celebrates his golden birthday with another spectacular exhibition, TONY MATHIOT looks back at his incredibly eventful career… Fish.  Fish paralysed in an explosion of psychedelic colours.  Ichthyoid shimmers of crimson red.  Squirming fish.  Motionless fish.  Wisps of churning blue twisting into pisciform  pretzels.  Shaping, unshaping, reshaping.  So, what is this ...

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The Catholic Diocese of Victoria is 125 years old


Today marks a milestone in the history of the Roman Catholic Church in Seychelles. TONY MATHIOT takes a retrospective look at those hallowed years. Seychelles became a diocese on 21st July 1892, twelve years after it had been erected as an Apostolic Vicariat on 5thApril 1880, and forty years after Pope Pius IX (1792-1878) had established the Catholic Church as ...

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Our Passport is 40 years old


We learned recently that our Seychelles passport has been deemed to be the most powerful passport in Africa, enabling Seychellois nationals to visit 96 countries visa-free.  TONY MATHIOT traces its history: It was on Monday the 7th February, 1977 that the Department of Immigration issued passports of the Republic of Seychelles, for the first time.  This was in pursuance of ...

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It was a hundred years ago..


A hundred years ago, the First World War was in its second year and Seychelles shared a common obedience with many other British Colonies to the British Empire. TONY MATHIOT relates the events of that momentous year.    The last session of the Legislative Council for the 1916 was held on Thursday 16th November at Government House. The Governor, Charles ...

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ESSAY QUATRE-Forty years singing and strumming


A couple of days ago  our popular singer Essay Quatre gave a commemorative concert at the ICCS to mark the 42nd year since he first burst on the local scene in 1974. TONY MATHIOT met up with him as he was finishing his preparations for the show. By Tony Mathiot So, let’s give Essay his due. He’s supremely entitled to ...

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The Secret of Vanilla


By Tony Mathiot Vanilla.  The mysterious and beautiful orchid vine which for centuries has enchanted the world with the aroma and flavour of its fruits. Tony Mathiot follows the trail of its fragrance back to its primeval origins and discovers how once upon a time it brought fortune  and prosperity to Seychelles. One early morning, in the year 1841 on ...

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The story of the Seychelles Hospital


Built during the early 20th century, it is a decade short of its centennial. TONY MATHIOT tells the story of one of Seychelles’s most cherished iconic colonial edifices. In late afternoon of Sunday November 30, 1924, an important event took place in the colony of Seychelles. This was the inauguration of the New Seychelles Hospital at Mont Fleuri by the ...

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The little chapel on the hill


There is a charming little sanctuary hidden high on a wooded hill far away from Victoria. TONY MATHIOT tells an interesting story ….. It had been a stormy night. The sky above La Misère was hidden behind a massive nimbostratus that released torrents of rain upon the forested mountain, while blustering winds lashed at the old giant timber trees. The ...

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