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Reviving the culture of bands! Seychelles hosts first band festival

The Seychelles capital of Victoria, usually quiet and dormant at night, was bustling with the melodious sounds of guitars, drums, violins, banjo, brass instruments and others at the weekend as 33 Seychellois bands took the stage at the first ever band festival. The event held at the mini-stadium, which started at 6pm local time on Saturday evening right through 6am on ...

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Lose weight and tone up like Seychellois pro fitness model


New Year’s resolutions are a long tradition. Exercise more. Eat less. Lose weight. Danielle Lucille Marie is one person from the island nation of Seychelles who knows how to get that done. The award-winning pro fitness model agreed to share some pointers with SNA for those wanting to go down the “leaner me” path in 2016. If this is the ...

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Islam in Seychelles


(Seychelles News Agency) – Muslims and non-Muslims alike came together in the Seychelles this weekend for a series of interactive talks on the basic tenets of the Islamic faith, in an effort to counteract the Western world’s negative perceptions of the world’s fastest-growing religion. Although Muslim seafarers and traders visited the Seychelles archipelago long before the European discovery of the ...

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Seychellois Creole Development & Evolution


Unlike most other Creole-speaking nations, the Seychelles have already created a standard form of their language. In most instances of language-engineering the officially recommended form may differ from popular forms. The Seychelles are no exception to this. The Language Committee deals with many complexities such as relexification, media influence, and popular culture in the development of Seychellois Creole. By JEAN-CLAUDE ...

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Traditional clothing of Seychelles


THE FRENCH PERIOD 1770 – 1810 The Seychelles fashion has always been initiated from European costume. However, although this is generally true, other factors have also influenced the way the Seychellois dress, for example adaptations to the tropical climate and economic factors. In those early colonial days’ clothes, hats and shoes were imported from France via Mauritius. For the gentlemen ...

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The Seychelles ‘moutya’ as a theatre prototype and historical record.


By Penda Choppy In the post-colonial era when the ex-colonies were searching to establish or reestablish a national identity, in most cases, they had very little to go on except what had been preserved by their oral traditions. In such communities as in the Indian Ocean region where the population had been born out of the slave trade and the ...

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