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Youth Health- Ask Dr Adeline – Path to clearer skin – Tips to help clear acne

This month’s question:

I have been struggling with increasing acne on my face. What can I do at home to improve them?

“Acne is a common issue, especially when going through puberty. Even as adults, we all get breakouts once in a while, some of us worse than others. Here are a few lifestyle tips you can try.”

1. Sleep better

Lack of sleep increases the level of stress hormones, such as glucocorticoids, which in turn disrupts normal skin function, and increase blood sugar level. This can make acne worse.

2. Eat right

Certain foods are more likely to cause changes in your body which boosts action in oil glands or cause clogging of your skin pores. Try to cut down on pasta, white rice, white bread and sugar. Add more beans and vegetables to your meals.

3.Drink water

Increase the amount of water you drink. Water flushes out toxins from the body, and also hydrates the skin.

4. Take care of your face

Wash your face twice a day, and wipe it with a towel other than the one you use to wipe your body. Avoid touching your face with dirty hands during the course of the day. Never sleep with make-up on.

If these changes does not improve your acne, visit the doctor at your local clinic for medical options.

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