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Premium Spanish Ondoliva olive oil available at your doorsteps

Ondoliva-oilMahe Industrial of Pillay R Group takes great pride in introducing Ondoliva, the well-known olive oil brand from Spain which hit the supermarket shelves on July 13, 2015.

Extra virgin oil offers a world of fruity, bitter taste that chefs are capturing to elevate dishes to the level they never thought was possible. It is suitable for salad dressings, meats, pastas and more.

This premium quality brings new extendible top which gives you more control without dripping down the bottle and the UVI protection packaging to prevent rays of light from damaging certain qualities in the oil. Let’s not forget a user friendly packaging to help you to know the correct uses.

Ondoliva is the most premium brand made by Urzante, one of the biggest and most important producers of olive oil in Spain – the heart of the Mediterranean spirit and quality of life.

Urzante is a family business within their second generation producing and exporting olive oil to more than 60 countries in the five continents. Ondoliva and Urzante are located in north Spain, near the French border in Navarra, a world famous place for gastronomy and cultural heritage and for a very important traditional festivity, the San Fermines.

Ondoliva is a truly Mediterranean product. Olive oil is widely recognised as having many health benefits as monounsaturated fat, an essential product for having a well-balanced diet and in many cases for improving not only health but beauty with cosmetics and skin cleaning applications.

The product is available at all Ramajayam supermarkets and other popular retail outlets on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, thereby ensuring Pillay R Group’s commitment for quality, affordability and convenience and a healthy lifestyle

This will certainly ensure customers are serviced at their doorsteps and save time and fuel.

Retail prices: 250ml Extra Virgin olive oil R29, 500ml Extra Virgin olive oil R55 and 1 litre Pomace oil R67.

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