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Cordonnier exotica



Large cordonniers                                            6

Crushed garlic                                                    20 g

Crushed ginger                                                 20 g

Finely chopped onions                                  30 g

Tomato paste                                                    10 g

Finely ground chilli                                           5 g

Chopped parsley                                              20 g

Chopped thyme                                                               20 g

Vegetable oil                                                     50 ml

Lemon juice                                                       2 lemon

Salt and ground black pepper




Clean the cordonnier and make 3 long deep incisions with a sharp knife on both sides and place in the refrigerator.

Mix the garlic, ginger, chopped onions, tomato paste, chilli, parsley, thyme, lemon juice, 20ml of oil, salt and pepper and fill the incision on both sides of the cordonnier. Coat both sides with the remaining spices, cover and allow resting for 1 hour.

Coat the cordonnier with the rest of the oil and cook each side for 8 minutes under a hot grill.

Serve with mixed salads.

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