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Grouper with Coconut cream and Lobster


Grouper                               2.8 kg

Medium size Lobster      3

Curry Powder                    30 g

Turmeric powder             10 g

Crushed ginger                 20 g

Crushed garlic                    20 g

Coconut cream                 500 ml

Chopped parsley              30 g

Salt and ground black pepper




Clean the fish and remove fillet on both sides. Cut each fillet into 3 pieces

Mix the curry powder and the turmeric powder together. Season and thoroughly coat the pieces of fish with the mixture.

Cook the lobster in boiling water and salt for 2 minutes. Allow to cool, cut in half length wise, remove the flesh and slice it in half.

Heat the butter, add the garlic and ginger, stir well, then add the fish and fry on both sides for 2 minutes. Add the coconut cream, parsley, lobster seasoning and cover and cook slowly for 15 minutes.


Courtesy of Mr Flavien Joubert

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