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Botswana teachers keen to make a difference

botswanaA group of 18 teachers from Botswana who arrived in the country in two groups – on February 14 and February 21 – and are expected to help resolve the teacher shortage in different State secondary schools, were formally inducted yesterday.

The first group of 14 to arrive have already visited the schools they have been dispatched to while the four who arrived at the weekend will today visit the schools where they will work.

The very enthusiastic group of females and males, made up of a mix of younger as well as more seasoned teachers, are all eager to embark on this new adventure and discovery in a country far from their own and in the process impart their knowledge and experience to our young people.

As part of the induction process yesterday, the group of mostly English and science teachers met officials from key departments and units in the Ministry of Education to get a better understanding of how the education ministry operates and to better acquaint themselves with the various support services available to teachers as well as students.

Rose Mary Bastienne, in her capacity as education officer for secondary staffing, led the teachers through the discovery of the education ministry and answered their queries and clarified issues they had.

She pointed out that with this group of 18 teachers and another group of a dozen more of mostly mathematics teachers from Kenya and India expected during the first week of March, the shortage of teachers is expected to be greatly surmounted.

“All the 10 secondary schools are getting teachers and we are looking forward to addressing the shortage problem,” Ms Bastienne pointed out.

Wishing the teachers all the best in the daunting task that awaits them, Ms Bastienne expressed confidence and optimism in their experience and ability to work with the students to produce the expected results.

The teachers, some of whom have over 20 years of experience in teaching, said they are looking forward to teaching here and expressed the hope that they can make a difference in the students’ education.

“I like the school environment and I have met some students but I would say that there is a lot of work to do to make students adhere to school regulations and class rules. What I have observed is that it is difficult to get the attention of all the students and control of the class and this is something that I intend to ensure,” one teacher with 15 years of experience said.

She added that where she comes from she is used to teaching large classes but students are different where behaviour is concerned and they follow rules, something she says is not always the case here from what she has observed.

“Students believe they can get away with anything, they do what they want and as they please,” she pointed out.

Another teacher with over 20 years’ experience also said some students have serious behavioural and attitude problems in the school he has been dispatched to and unless this is addressed, he said, it will definitely impede teaching and learning.

Again he stressed that students should at least follow school regulations and class rules.

Nevertheless the long awaited teachers are here and they are willing and determined to make a difference.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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