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Insurance firm donates to foyer

donated to froyeThe lives of children residing at the Foyer de la Providence are expected to improve following a donation of brand new and better household items and equipment.

The items comprising a rice cooker, bed sheets, pillow casings, towels, pots, cups, jugs, plates and kitchen utensils worth about R30,000 have been donated by Harry Savy Insurance (HSI) company.

HSI representatives Carolyn Barreau and Agnes Gerry handed over the items to the sister-in-charge of the foyer, Sister Rosefine Vola, during a short ceremony on Children’s Day, June 1, at the foyer.

Addressing the children, HSI manager Murlin Lebon said: “June 1 is a very special day for you which is why we chose this specific day to make this donation of various equipment which was requested to us by your very own sister-in-charge.”

She said this year marks precisely 10 years since HSI has been providing its support to the foyer through various donations, gifts for birthdays, christening, holy communion, confirmation, Christmas, Easter and like today (June 1) for Children’s Day.

“We are happy to note that HSI is committed to continue providing our support as it forms part of our contribution for the society through corporate social responsibility (CSR) and wherever we can we will always be of assistance ,” she said.

She pointed out that HSI will also be celebrating its 21st anniversary in July this year.

Sister Rosefine said the children are very happy and always grateful for such contributions.

A girl from the foyer thanked HSI for making them happy on their special occasions.

Following the handover, the children were able to enjoy a cake brought by HSI along with refreshments to celebrate their special day.


Source : Seychelles NATION


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