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June month dedicated to ‘Unity’

6420Unity is the value chosen for the month of June under the ‘Values for One, Values for All’ (Valer pour mwan, valer pour nou tou) programme launched at the beginning of this year by the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

This month’s value was launched during a special ceremony on Monday at the Ile Perseverance 2 and coincided with the opening of a youth service bureau.

Guests at the ceremony included the Minister for Labour and Resource Development Idith Alexander, SNYC chief executive Vicky van der Westhuizen and her deputy Alvin Laurence. Also present were youths from Perseverance.

During the ceremony there were also poems by youths from Perseverance school and also a song on the theme from famous singer Jean Ally.
The new values for 2015 and their corresponding month in which they are to be celebrated are as follows:

Responsibility (January); Tolerance (February); Resilience (March); Patience (April); Discipline (May); Unity (June); Respect (July); Commitment (August);  Peace (September); Determination (October); Gratitude (November) and Love (December).

The accompanying photographs show highlights of the ceremony.

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