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New Swiss ambassador hails bilateral relations

swissThe new ambassador of the Swiss Confederation to Seychelles, Philippe Brandt, has said both Seychelles and Switzerland see the existing bilateral relations between the two countries as excellent.

He added that the two countries’ cooperation agreement goes from political and bilateral issues to scientific and health cooperation among many more.

Ambassador Brandt was speaking to the press after presenting his credentials to President James Michel as the new ambassador of Switzerland to Seychelles.

“We have very close cooperation in environmental issues through the University of Seychelles,” he said, adding there is a Swiss professor who has been teaching there and has been very active in doing research work on the Seychelles environment.

Ambassador Brandt also said the two countries also cooperate in health research between the University Hospital in Lausanne and the Seychelles.

He is expected to call on the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Patrick Herminie, today.

Ambassador Brandt is based in Antananarivo, Madagascar and is expected to serve a four-year term.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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