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Outgoing Indonesian ambassador bids farewell

presidentThe outgoing Indonesian ambassador to Seychelles, Sunu Mahadi Soemarno, paid a farewell call on President James Michel at State House yesterday morning.

Talking to the press after saying his goodbye, Mr Soemarno said the two countries have achieved a lot in the area of cooperation but there is still room to do better.

He talked of the people to people contact that has been established between the Seychellois and the Indonesians and the visits of Seychellois officials to Indonesia and of Indonesians coming here.

“I have already done what I could do to enhance cooperation between the two countries. Officials from Seychelles have come to Jakarta and people from Jakarta have come here. But this is not enough, I want this to be more pronounced, further enhanced in the future. I hope my successor can achieve this,” said Mr Soemarno.

Mr Soemarno also said maritime piracy, climate change, energy security, tourism have also been discussed during the meeting with the president.

As Indonesia is currently the chair of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) and Seychelles the chair of the contact group for the Indian Ocean maritime security, Mr Soemarno said he hopes something can be done between the two countries and help each other as chair of both forums.

Regarding his achievements during his tenure as ambassador of Indonesia to Seychelles, Mr Soemarno cited as one example the increase in trade between the two countries.

He however noted that more can be achieved in future especially through the IORA and the Indian Ocean maritime security.

Ambassador Soemarno, who said he loves Seychelles very much, has served a term of three and a half years and was based in Nairobi, Kenya.

 Source : Seychelles NATION

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