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Pillay R Group opens new supermarket at Grand Anse

2pillayPillay R Group has officially opened a new supermarket at Grand Anse Mahé.

Managed by Pillay R Group, the supermarket is the seventh of the Ramajayam chain which has outlets on both Mahé and Praslin.
With this new addition, the company’s management aims to provide a wide range of quality products at affordable prices.

The owner of Pillay R Group, Ramu Pillay, said that the shop, which employs six people and is open seven days a week, will bring more diversity to the wide range of customers.

“We always wanted to open a branch at Grand Anse, to bring our services to the population of Grand Anse,” he said, noting that the shop comprises a supermarket, a separate place to sell alcohol and also a Cash Plus bureau de change to benefit both tourists and Seychellois.

1pillayDr Dharam Vir Sharma said that Ramajayan supermarkets have come to stand for quality.

“Over the years, Ramajayam supermarkets have come to stand for quality, affordability and convenience. All the supermarkets located on Mahé and Praslin are easily accessible to our customers.
“Our main strength is to reach the doorsteps of our customers and this will save them time and fuel,” he said.

Pillay R Group regroups 25 different companies in sectors ranging from business to hospitality.
The group now employs over 350 people and has reputed businesses in Seychelles.

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