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Presidential pardon to 78 prisoners

Pope thanks government and people of Seychelles

The Office of the President has confirmed that His Holiness Pope Francis has written to President Danny Faure to express his appreciation of the gesture of clemency accorded by the President to the 78 prisoners who were released unconditionally in December 2016, upon the recommendation of the advisory committee on the Power of Pardon.

Written in French, the letter is dated January 28, 2017.

The President’s gesture had been in keeping with the pope’s call for such action in the Catholic Year of Mercy, and also in response to an appeal by the Seychelles Inter-Faith Council (Sifco)

The pope said he hoped that the released prisoners would re-integrate well into society, and that they would now be responsible in the exercise of their liberty.

In his letter, Pope Francis said the President, government and people of Seychelles remain always in his thoughts and prayers, and that it was his heartfelt wish that the sense of common good would continue to grow within every Seychellois.

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