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Public enterprises urged to make good, timely reporting

pubPublic enterprises should adopt good management styles, be good at reporting and prompt in handing their reports so as to prevent people who don’t have the right information from making reports which contain false allegations.

Public Enterprise Monitoring Commission (PEMC) board chairman William Zarine said this yesterday morning at the Seychelles Trading Company’s conference room during a session with five public enterprises.

Mr Zarine explained that because some public enterprises are as big as corporate entities and the value at risk is very high, it is important for them to be performing well by adopting good management, have clear goals, targets and strategies.

He added that they must have the right and adequate resources, good governance, good financial management, clear capital plans.

“PEMC will support public enterprises in doing good reporting including financial, adapting to changes, and aligning to their core mandates,” said Mr Zarine who added that the new board of commissioners decided to have this forum so as to better understand the functions of the public enterprises.

Property Management Corporation (PMC) chief executive Timothé Sinon, Islands Development Company’s chief executive Glenny Savy, L’Union Estate’s human resources manager Maryse Jeanne, Seychelles Postal services’ chief executive Errol Dias and National Information Services Agency’s chief executive Merline Volcère presented their organisations’ core mandates, staffing, reporting framework among others.

Altogether there are 21 public enterprises and Mr Zarine said they have decided to meet them in small groups so that they can better share their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (Swot); how factors mentioned in the Swot affect the performance of the public enterprises, what solutions have been tried and what difficulties were encountered; risks involved in the organisations’ operations; and mitigation policies the organisations have in place.

Other than chairman Zarine, the PEMC board comprises Antonio Lucas, Tania Potter, Emmanuel Green, Gamini Herath, Helen Maïche and Marcus Siméon.

Sitna César is the chief executive of the PEMC whose vision is to “to promote effective and efficient commercial public enterprises within the Seychelles”.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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