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Public learn more on human rights through lecture

Public learn more on human rights through lecture

To raise awareness and educate the public on human rights a lecture was held last Wednesday at the National Cultural Centre.

021The human rights lecture forms part of the ‘Koze Kiltir’ event organised by the culture department.

The talk was led by Barbara Carolus-Andre who said the lecture is very important as it sensitises the public and creates discussion on human rights.

The lecture touched various aspects such as the origin of and the convention on Human Rights, current human rights issues, why there should be more interest in human rights, the situation of human rights in Seychelles and how to get involved, among many others.

“I’ve discovered that at our homes or workplaces we are all promoting human rights in one way or another. For example when we talk about press freedom day it is us exercising the rights for journalists to conduct their job properly for them to be able to share information with the public,” she said.

Mrs Carolus-Andre is a passionate advocate for human rights and provides her services to increase education on human rights.

“I work with various organisations and on projects on any opportunity I get as I am very passionate about this subject,” she said.

She also works with the ministry of education to help share human rights information and knowledge to students.


Source: Seychelles Nation

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