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PUC finances university scholarships in collaboration with ANHRD

pucTwo A-Level graduates will be furthering their studies thanks to funding from the Public Utilities Corporation, in collaboration with the Agency for National Human Resource Development.

The two graduates, who are Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) employees, are expected to start their course next month.

This funding partnership between PUC and Agency for National Human Resource Development (ANHRD) came about through an initiative of PUC to build up the capacity of its workforce by recruiting recent A-Level graduates, providing them with a comprehensive training programme for a set period of time to acquire some work experience and eventually sending them for further studies abroad with the help of the ANHRD.

Shanna Charlette, who is currently a hydrology technician in the water & sewerage division, will be following an MSc Instrumentation and Control Processes Engineering course at the University of Hull, United Kingdom (UK), whereas Malika Romain, who is currently an IT trainee in the information, communications & technology (ICT) department, will be following a BSc Computer Network course at Salford University, UK.

The deputy chief executive of PUC Joel Valmont said PUC firmly believes in the concept of training and professional development and offers its staff opportunities to continuously enhance their knowledge and skills in their respective domains.

“Currently, a number of employees are undertaking Masters programmes via distance learning with UK universities, ranging from MSc Project Management, Water Environment Engineering and MBA, online courses with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, ACCA programmes at different levels and other long-term courses provided by local institutions,” he said.

He said employees within the organisation are further encouraged to pursue continuous professional development by attending short-term courses and workshops locally or abroad that are relevant to their fields of work.

Mr Valmont noted that PUC has been fully financing employee training over the past ten years.

“These two are the first scholarships being co-funded by PUC and ANHRD but there will be others in the future,” he said.

Miss Charlette said she has learned a lot over the past year she has been working for PUC but she faced a challenge when deciding which course to undertake.

“Some colleagues and managers helped me on the right path to choose this course and I’m grateful. This course falls under electrical and electronics engineering which is of an interest to me and a plus to have someone with a master in this field,” she said.

Miss Romain, who is leaving for the UK today, said she is very excited.

“I consider myself very fortunate because a lot of people going to study overseas have not been exposed to the field and don’t have work experience but I was privileged to do so and I’ve learned the technical basics that I’m supposed to know,” she said.

She feels that the youth – more specifically girls – should take up more interest in IT as it is the future and as there is a lack of girls in this field.

The national service provider constantly needs newly trained and talented personnel to undertake its massive operations. For the last three years the organisation has recruited up to 20 graduates in various fields.

If you are a young, talented, energetic and motivated individual who can thrive in a large diverse organisation, look no further than PUC to build your career as there are exciting opportunities available for A-Level graduates and returning degree graduates, especially in the fields of Electrical Engineering and ICT.

For further details about PUC’s graduate programme, please call telephone number 4678114 or 4675019 or e-mail

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