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Second youth outreach programme launched for secondary students


Some of the activities that the students took part in yesterday

The second outreach programme ‘En Dekouvert Eksitan’ (An exciting discovery) for S1 and S2 students and teachers from public schools on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue was launched yesterday morning at the University of Seychelles’ campus at Anse Royale.

Some 800 students are taking part in the programme in which they will indulge in different kinds of environmental activities.

The outreach programme is an adventurous and exciting programme full of zest open to all S1 and S2 students. Initiated by the youth department and the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC), it aims at providing an outdoor learning experience to the students. In an out-of-class environment, important values, life skills and the essence of discovering and preserving our natural environment and cultural heritage are learned.

Students will be able to visit different areas on Mahé such as the Copolia Trail to learn about the fauna and flora, visit the North East Point coastal area and many more.

1studentThe programme is being highly supported by various partners, institutions, parents and teachers through sponsorships of equipment, displacement facilities, venues, expertise and supervision.

Josette Cadence, the coordinator of the programme, said that students will be taking part in different kinds of activities during those two days.

“The students will be able to learn more about the environment, learn how to make ‘kapatya’ (a traditional basket made of coconut palm leaves) and learn our cultural dance,” she said.

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