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Seychelles Institute of Technology keen to partner with Sri Lankan university

1sitThe Seychelles Institute of Technology (Sit) is keen to partner with the University of Vocational Technology of Sri Lanka so as to move to the next level of its development.

In line with this, the Sit yesterday welcomed two senior officials from the Sri Lankan university who are on a familiarisation visit here at the invitation of the Ministry of Education.

Dr Don Suraweera, the Dean of the Faculty of Industrial and Vocational Technology, and Pinnawale Jayathilaka, head of the Electrical and Electronics Department at the University Of Vocational Technology of Sri Lanka, met the governing board of Sit, its director Hubert Barbe; Jean Alcindor, coordinator UNEVOC centre and director general Education and Students Support Services and management and staff members of Sit.

The aim of the familiarisation visit is for Sit to seek future areas of cooperation and collaboration with its Sri Lankan counterpart in its bid to bring Sit to the next level. The visit is also within the context of the Education Medium-Term Strategy to establish strategic partnership between national and international institutions of higher learning to further promote the quality of national tertiary education and training system.

After a presentation by Mr Barbe on Sit’s mission and vision, the delegation held discussions with members of the Sit governing board. A meeting with senior officials from the Ministry of Education and also key partners of the Sit is also on the agenda.

Speaking to the press Mr Suraweera said Sit has many similarities with his institution like starting off as a technical training centre, the ongoing struggle to attract and maintain students, among others.

“I am really impressed about the work the students are doing,” he said, referring to the carpentry items being done by the students.

Mr Suraweera said both institutions can have great collaborations in separate areas like exchanging staff, students and broadening their experiences for Sit to develop its future plans.

2ait“We can really work together to achieve a common objective. We are also in the same line. We started as a technical teacher college and became a university. Sit too started as a polytechnic, then became Sit, so it’s the way forward,” said Mr Suraweera.

Mr Barbe also noted that some Sit staff and students have already worked at the University of Vocational Technology of Sri Lanka.

“We are exploring the possibilities with this university how it can help us. We are thinking during their visit we can finally sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU),” he said.

Mr Barbe said he wishes to see a clause included where both institutes can have exchange of experts. Mr Barbe said as Sit is including IT in its strategy he believes that institute, which is quite strong in that area, will create possibilities for Sit to explore so as to move in the right direction.

Representing the Ministry of Education, Mr Alcindor said during Minister Macsuzy Mondon’s visit to Sri Lanka in 2014 where she visited several educational institutions of higher learning, the University of Vocational Technology was identified as a possible partner for cooperation with the Seychelles Institute of Technology to improve the quality and level of training that Sit offers, as well as exchanging expertise and experiences.

“A memorandum of agreement will have to be established defining the details of cooperation. Normally when there’s such an exchange of agreement, it’s the students in the first place who gain the necessary skills and expertise. This university offers many degrees to Bachelor level in either telecommunications, manufacturing, food processing, industrial technology. So there is the opportunity for students to enhance their ability,” said Mr Alcindor.

Sit last week was awarded the UNEVOC plaque recognising the institution as the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) centre in Seychelles from the International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO-UNEVOC). This is the second time the institution receives such a plaque.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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