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Waso empowering young women to set up own firms


Twelve young women have received certificates after completing training in how to start up their own business.

The one-week workshop was organised by the Women in Action and Solidarity Organisation (Waso) and was held at the Ceps (ex-Lungos) offices.

The certificate presentation ceremony took place in the presence of Waso’s chairperson Rosemary Elizabeth; the Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation, Michael Benstrong; the chairperson of Ceps (Citizens Engagement Platform of Seychelles) Jules Hoareau; representatives of Barclays Bank, Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA) and the Development Bank of Seychelles (DBS).

Ms Elizabeth said this workshop was for women who wanted to venture into their own little business.

“This one-week workshop gave the 12 participants basic skills they need to venture into their own little business in the future. All participants were eager to learn, they all wanted to achieve something and be prosperous.  Now they have the skills required to make their business become a reality,” Ms Elizabeth said.

She added that a second phase of the training will take place in November where the women will gain more knowledge on how to make their business effective.

In his closing remarks Minister Benstrong sad that women need to step up and make their dreams become a reality.

“It is a pleasure to see young women who want to move forward by starting their own business.  By coming to this one-week workshop you gave yourself the opportunity to gain new skills that will benefit you in the future, and remember starting a business at first is hard, so you should all persevere,” the minister said.

After the presentation of certificates guests were able to view an exhibition in which were displayed some of the items produced during the training.

The training was facilitated by the DBS, SLA and Barclay Bank (Seychelles).

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