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gro bonmGRO BONM

Vernacular Name:     Gro bonm (Seychelles)

Baume (French spk. Countries)

Indian Borage (English spk. Countries)


       Botanical Name:                        Plectranthus amboinicus Lour.

Family:                            LAMIACEAE (LABIATAE)

Indian Borage is hairy herb with ovate serrated-edged leaves, velvety underneath with small whitish flowers veined with purple. A strongly aromatic plant originated from Asia. It is now widely grown in warm countries. An infusion of the leaves, with honey or sugar, is drank in Seychelles to treat coughs and colds, while in Guyana, a tea of boiled leaves is reputedly efficacious in the treatment of colds, delayed labour and menstrual pains.   In Rodrigues the leaves, together with those of camphor (cinnamomun comphora) are rubbed on the body for rheumatic pains and the juice extracted from the leaves is drank to alleviate stomach aches. Whereas, in Reunion the crushed leaves together with yapanna (Ayapana triplinervis) are used as a poultice on cuts.

 Recommended dosage: 5-7 leaves for 1 cup infusion. 1 table spoon of honey.

Drink one table spoon each time of irritation.



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