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Nature Seychelles’ Green Yoga is back!

Green-yoga---for-your-body,Dust off your mats and head to The Sanctuary. Nature Seychelles is offering new Green Yoga sessions at the eco-kiosk in Roche Caiman. The classes will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 to 6 pm and on Wednesday mornings from 9 to 10 am.

Ernst Zwicky of Seyllbeing will be leading the yoga sessions, alternating between two types of yoga – Yin Yoga and Ayur Yoga. Both types of yoga can be practised by anyone from total beginners to more experienced yogis.

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced practice in which poses (asanas) are held for anywhere from two to five minutes. This type of yoga works on the connective tissues (fascia) rather than on the muscles. Yin yoga is a calming type of yoga and perfect for letting go. It allows those who practice to take a nourishing break from work, stress, exertion and restlessness of our daily lives.

Ayur Yoga, although more demanding, is also suitable for beginners as great emphasis is placed on each person working at their own pace careful not to push their bodies too far too fast.  This type of yoga works more on the muscles and the flow from one pose to the next increases strength and flexibility.

It is neither about peak performance nor aerobic movements; a good balance between effort and rest is always encouraged in all the yoga sessions.

Stretching-and-strengtheninDuring the yoga sessions, Ernst incorporates breathing techniques and meditation in all the classes such that not only the body is physically exercised, but also for the mind and soul to be harmonised.

The spirit of Nature Seychelles Green Health Program is to encourage people to connect with nature for better health and improved wellbeing. These yoga sessions therefore fall perfectly under the Green Health banner. Those who attend the yoga sessions out in the fresh air of the eco-kiosk can enjoy the stunning vistas Seychelles is famous for, while listening to lovely birdsongs.

The Green Health program combines fitness/ yoga in natural surroundings with conservation activities. It offers the opportunity for those participating in a diverse range of classes, workshops or other special events to develop every aspect of their wellbeing, be it physical, mental or nutrition, with nature as the pivot.

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