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Art exhibition Curieuse through the eyes of artists

2exhibiLocal artists are raising awareness on Curieuse island and its marine national park through a collection of over 60 artwork that are displayed in an exhibition at

the Eden Space art gallery.

ProArt, in collaboration with Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA), is coordinating this exhibition which started in May as part of an activity organised by SNPA to commemorate World Biodiversity Day.

The exhibition entitled ‘Curieuse through the eyes of artists’, demonstrates the importance of art in raising awareness on various environmental issues in regards to Curieuse.

The exhibition on display until December 11, 2017 has been created by a group of photographers, painters, sculptures, poets and singers following a weekend on the island.

The artists who contributed towards this exhibition are Charles Dodo, Dorris Nourrice, Ryan Chetty, Johny Volcère, Frances Chang-Him, Urney Mathiot, Jude Ally, Allen Ernesta, Alcide Libanotis, George Libanotis and Isham Rath.

In his remarks at the opening of the exhibition last Friday, the chief executive (CEO) of SNPA, Flavien Joubert, said the authority normally looks at Curieuse with ‘conservation eye’ as their mandate is to protect so that the future generations will use it for educational and scientific purposes.

“Today we are going to see Curieuse from a different perspective – through the eyes of artists. I’m convinced that this will give us and the public the opportunity to re-assess the beauty of the place and efforts made to protect it.”

He said that SNPA is always looking for innovative ways to raise awareness and educate the public about our national parks and unique environment.

Mr Joubert said SNPA is ready to invest into a management plan which will guide activities in and around the island and it should be out during this month as the government has given its commitment to support the setting up of facilities for visitors, conservationists and staff of Curieuse.

“We hope to also have this exhibition on Praslin for a few weeks and hope to have the same activity done by artists from Praslin and La Digue to help promote the beauty of their islands,” he said.

Ryan Chetty said he was amazed by the tranquillity of the island and the atmosphere between all of them artists was very empowering and interesting.

“It is the first time I have visited the island and the first time I include nature and environment in my form of art. I usually don’t paint leaves and mangroves but it was very interesting to do so,” he said.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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