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Artists bring social awareness through street painting

1streetThe wall at the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) bus stand is now a bulletin board for the time being. Some 12 local artists from Seylar along with South African street artist Wesley Pepper spent Saturday morning decorating the wall with different drawings and graffiti.

The intermittent light drizzle did not prevent the artists from finishing their work and some were still putting the final touches to theirs yesterday.

One did not have to ask passers-by for their views as appreciations and encouraging comments towards the artists were enthusiastically forthcoming.

According to Mr Pepper, the paintings are supposed 2streetto bring out social awareness issues that will attract the attention of people and in the process help them to think of positive changes.

“It is good to have artists once in a while coming out of their studios to perform this type of art. The people will be admiring not only the artists at work but also original paintings. I am very satisfied with what I am seeing today,” he said.

Anandan Padayachy, Seylar member and shopkeeper at Maldive, said it was an honour for him to take part in the event and he wanted to express the theme happiness through his drawing of horses galloping cheerfully.

3streetAn off-duty passer-by, Oche Ikavakwe, a Nigerian working at Savoy Hotel, also decided to contribute his part to the activity.

“I knew nothing about what was happening today. I saw them painting and as an artist myself I approached Anandan Padayachy to see if I could join and he shared some paints,” Mr Ikavakwe said.

Seylar communication and public relations officer, Nigel Henry, said he was satisfied with the response from the artists.

“Hearing those positive comments from the public encourages us a lot. The passers-by are really enjoying our work,” he noted.

As only part of the wall was to be painted, Mr Henry said the rest of the surface will be painted in future activities with the involvement of young artists from the Seychelles National Youth council (SNYC).

The accompanying photos show a sample of the paintings done by the artists on Saturday.

 Source : Seychelles NATION

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