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Carnival to merge with Creole Festival

2festiThis year’s Carnaval International de Victoria will form part of the Creole Festival activities.

Usually held in or around April, the carnival has been moved to October for better management of financial resources, according to the Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture, Idith Alexander.

She was speaking during a press conference last week.

“We have decided to merge the two activities, Creole Festival and Carnival, based on public demand and also for better management of funds. The public will be able to have as much fun as before and there will be international participants,” noted Minister Alexander.

Galen Bresson, chief executive of the Creative Industries and National Events Agency (Cinea) explained that “many of our activities will try to bring forth the importance of Creole in our culture. The programmes for the Creole Festival will be from October 1 to 31 and the carnival which will be now called ‘Laserenad Enternasyonal Sesel’ will take place on Saturday October 28. This will also include the kiddies carnival. Currently we have around ten requests from groups which we are dealing with”.

Some concerns were raised over the amount of alcohol sold during the kiddies carnival in the past. Mr Bresson explained that “as companies manufacturing or promoting alcohol beverage are possible sponsors of the event, we cannot stop the sale or advertisement of their products for that event. If there is a major concern in regards to the issue we will then have to decide on the best for the event”.

The proposed programme for this year’s Festival Kreol is expected to include: Maratonn Mo, En Liv par Zour, Rakontaz Zistwar, Lansiv, Vilaz Kreol, Moman Kreativite, Fon Lanmal (proposed for October 21 in the parc of ICCS), Family Fun Day on October 22, Vye Marmit, Kolok, Lemonn Kreolofonn, Sware Teat, komemorasyon Lazournen Enternasyonal Kreol (October 27 & 28), ‘Laserenad Enternasyonal Sesel’ and kiddies carnival on October 28, Kreol Dance Party on October 28 at the Freedom Square and Kouler Kreol on the same day; a Creole mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on October 29 followed by Dimans Kreol Borlanmer at Beau Vallon. Bal Asosye and Vibrasyon Kreol will be on October 31.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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