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Detainees take part in artistic day

2prisonFor a second time, the National Arts Council organised an artistic day at the Montagne Posée prison, giving the detainees the opportunity to express themselves.

The National Arts Council (Nac) organises such event to promote arts among the detainees, get them interested in arts, develop a positive attitude towards life, encourage them to see the beauty of life and develop positiveness in life.

Nac chief Executive Jimmy Savy said such event will encourage the detainees to have a better future through arts.

1prison“The objective of the artistic day is to promote art among the detainees. Art is a way of developing new skills so that in the future the detainees can create their own small business. And we are also present to entertain the detainees, to give them something more to do during their time here,” he said.

The day’s event included activities such as traditional dance, drawing and recycling, carving, poetry, drama and live performance from artists.

At the end of the artistic day, there was a performance by a reputed artist and the detainees were able to showcase their art work, such as painting and poetry.

The accompanying photos show some of the detainees in action during the artistic day.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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